Legal Advices

The lawyer Mariangela La Ruffa has been the owner of the WORKitIBIZA firm since 2006 and her competence is in extrajudicial advice and defence related to any branch of civil, employment law, administrative and property law
Together with her legal team, she deals with the assessment and planning of all kinds of lawsuits to enforce the rights of the company both for individuals, private or public legal entities. Filing of lawsuits against third parties, either in civil, employment law or administrative jurisdiction.

Fiat iustitia ne pereat mundus

We are specialists in solving any problem that may arise related to claims for breach of contracts or tort, accident, negligence, civil liability.

Civil law
Property law

The firm has significant experience in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purchase, development, management, leasing and financing of any type of real estate for commercial, industrial or residential.

  • Contractual advice
  • Conciliation before the TAMIB prior to judicial proceedings / Dismissal procedures - disciplinary / objective
  • Advice on Claims of quantity (overtime) according to the agreement or contract agreed / Contesting labour sanctions
  • Advice and defence in the face of geographical mobility or a substantial modification of the contract conditions.
  • Procedures on Work Accidents, Surcharge of Benefits.
Employment Law