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The selection of personnel employed by WORKitIBIZA is a guarantee of success based on the methods applied by the DOT ACADEMY-DEVELOPMENT OF TRAINING ACADEMY, with EU ISO 9001 certification and internationally recognised. It is a guarantee that the selection of new workers will respond to business tasks and demands not only quantitatively but qualitatively, in terms of specialization, skills and professionalism. What really matters to us is guaranteeing the success and results of a company through an optimal selection of its workers, that is the main objective of WORKitIBIZA.
If what you are looking for is a job or an employee, you are in the right place!


The service that WORKitIBIZA offers is a complete service, we begin with the search and selection to be able to offer the best profiles to our clients, in addition to taking care of all the legal and administrative procedures for the insertion of the new employee.

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We are the first employment agency in Ibiza that not only helps you find the job you are looking for, but also one that corresponds to your needs. Our mission is to find you a job that suits you like a glove, with the necessary documents required by current Spanish legislation!