Legal Advices,Real Estate 

 and Human Resource 

Whichever service you choose, you always need a lawyer!

Since its foundation, WORKitIBIZA offers legal services, fulfilling the objective of promoting the expansion of professional outplacement in favour of all companies in Ibiza through an exclusive methodology and thanks to a set of heterogeneous activities that present different characteristics.

Needing legal support related to the real estate sector and the work sector, whether we are talking about purchase, sale or rental operations, both business start-up with all that it entails, is very common. There are many operations that cannot be carried out without proper legal support.

Having solid legal support for any action, and being able to offer it to you, allows us to provide the best service and transfer all the guarantees. Such synergy is the key piece of our daily effort, to ensure that all clients feel supported at all times by their Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, and Human Resources specialist.

Legal office

We manage your civil procedures, both judicial and extrajudicial, until your complete satisfaction. After the presentation of the specific case we proceed to a detailed study of it. Subsequently, our team of specialists will initiate the most convenient procedures for each matter, keeping our clients informed at all times and agreeing with them on the strategy to follow, thus achieving the most successful result possible.

residential and commercial 

We are professionals in the real estate sector have a deep knowledge of the sector and the market, which allows us to evaluate and estimate a property (or its rental income) in an optimal way and at a fair price. Our main objective is to help you sell or rent your property as soon as possible and at the best price, limiting the endless negotiations with unreliable buyers or tenants.


For companies and workers

Working hard with someone we are not interested in is called stress. Working hard with someone we love is called passion.

We have made this quote our work way , thanks above all to the experience acquired in the course of the last 5 years, during which we have selected the best professional profiles and have recruited them so that companies born with our start up or without , could brilliantly exploit the business.

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